Today, Thursday, August 13, 2020

You Now Have Permission to Eat Candy!

Cavity fighting candy is one of the newest developments in the fight against tooth decay. Dental health professionals have been researching ways to perfect fluoride-free candies that not only prevent tooth decay but make it easy for people of all ages to maintain better oral health.
How Cavity Fighting Candy Works
According to researchers, these new, dentist-approved candies work by increasing pH levels in the mouth, thereby neutralizing tooth-decaying acids and preserving the ever-sensitive tooth enamel. With this special candy, arginine—an amino acid—works together with calcium to deposit layers of protection on the teeth to guard against harmful tooth acids.

Saliva in the mouth is one of the many natural protectors against cavities. These new candies actually enhance the properties in saliva that fight decay while eliminating acids.

Many research studies across different age groups have seen significant, statistical decline in the occurrence of cavities over time while chewing these candies. Children eating the candy in Venezuela, for example, experienced close to sixty-two percent (62%) fewer cavities than those children who simply brushed their teeth regularly. For children, the tooth brushing routine can seem tedious and unimportant, causing them to have little patience to clean all of their teeth properly. However, by combining twice daily brushing with candy that is both enjoyable and capable of preventing cavities, dentists might have to do a great deal less drilling and filling.

Moreover, such a development could drastically cut costs for insurance companies covering oral health. If fewer kids have cavities or other dental problems when they were young, they are much less likely to need root canals or other expensive procedures later in life.

The Future of Oral Health?
Cavity fighting candy might become more available soon, as the product does not need FDA approval. Because the mints, lollipops and other cavity fighting forms of candy are natural foods, the FDA will not put its stamp of approval or disapproval on the substance.

Oral biologists and the Centers for Disease Control agree that the tooth decay trends of the last 40 years are reversing, and there is a chance that cavities might become very rare instances in the near future.  The use of this candy, in conjunction with good oral hygiene and regular dentists visits, may help eliminate the occurence of tooth decay for some people.  More research is necessary to determine its possible future benefits, but current research suggests that cavity fighting candy can potentially become an important weapon in the fight against tooth decay


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