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Choosing a Home Health Care Provider

As society continues to age, home health care services have become more important. Home health care services refer to skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy and a variety of medical social services that are to be provided in the patient’s home rather than in a traditional medical facility. Medical directives provided by the patient’s physician or medical team will be carried out by the chosen home health care team. Home health care providers have the ultimate goal of providing quality health care while aiding the patient to regain as much of their independence as possible.

In addition to providing health care services, there are several other reasons as to why individuals and families are opting for this type of service over traditional facility services. Couples where one individual requires medical care are selecting home health care so that both individuals can remain together in their family home. Caregivers are opting for home health care when one of their family members requires care so that they can continue in their day to day activities such as working full time while allowing the patient to receive quality care. And, individuals are simply choosing home health care so that they can retain as much of their independence as possible.

How to Locate Home Health Care Providers

When you or a family member has made the choice to receive home health care, you will need to begin your search for providers. The first step in the process is to determine whether you have insurance that would possibly cover the costs. Contact your current health care insurance provider and your long term health care provider to determine whether any of these costs are included in your policy. Next, determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare coverage and whether you qualify for coverage.

After you determine whether any costs are covered, consider the following options to locate a facility, company or individual that provides home health care services:

·         Ask your friends and family members for qualified referrals?

·         Ask your family’s primary physician for a referral?

·         Perform an online search or review your choices in the Yellow Pages

What Questions to Ask when You Interview

Once you have developed a list of possible choices, you will need to schedule interviews with each company or individual. Create a list of questions to ask each company or individual to enable you to make the most educated choice possible. Consider the following questions to ask during your interview:

·         What is your experience and what are your qualifications in home health care?

·         Do you have experience working with Alzheimer’s or Dementia experience?

·         What times are you available?

·         Will I be assigned one person or will a variety of people be assigned to this case?

·         What are the costs for this service? What payment methods are accepted?

·         How is the care for the patient determined and is the family as well as the physician involved?

In addition to the above questions, you will want to determine if the individual or company carries licenses to operate in this industry; some states require this while others do not. Determine what type of bonding and insurance the company or individual carries for liability. And, verify the certification of both the company and any individual that would be providing service for you or your family member. Once you have evaluated each company or individual, you will have enough information to make your final selection.

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