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The Importance Of Change to Achieving your Fitness Goals

Exercise is important for good health, mind and spirit,-which is why many doctors recommend it for everybody including those who are healthy. People can easily find exercises that work for them via online, books, magazines and even from their own doctors.  Though many people  stick with one routine of a workout that they -which in turn doesn't help your body out anymore than not working out would.

Many believe if you find a fitness routine that works for you and that you enjoy, then should with stick with it. However if you attempt to rework muscles that have already been toned, it technically no different than if you were not exercising any muscles. To keep losing weight and staying in shape requires you to keep changing which muscles you use during a workout and resistance to build up a better muscle mass.

Why Change Up Fitness Routines

This is why many fitness experts and doctors tell people to change up fitness routines as a way to keep your body challenged and to also help lose more weight.  To keep the body in a inconsistent movement will allow the body to not adjust to a set of movements that are done over and over again. That way people burn more calories than just repeating the same movements over and over again. It also helps people from getting board and quitting the regimen all together.

How To Change Up Fitness Routines

Here are some ideas on how you can change up fitness routines so you can stay fit and in top notch condition-

1: Do not do the exact same exercise everyday. Try to work one set of muscles one day, and then the next day a whole new set.

2: Don't just do one type(example: do not do nothing but just yoga) of exercise. Mix it up some exercising moves for the most effective workout to keep you in shape.

3: Take a quick break between each new rep(2-4 minutes is good enough), to rest and relax each used muscle. Then start up again once you feel of the burn.

4: Take a day off, don't work out 7 days week. In order for your mind and muscles can rest for 24 hours and not be in a tense mode from the workouts you did earlier once you start again on the next day.

You should aim to change up fitness routines every month and a half or so, in order to do each exercise effectively and not to over do each set either. Though you should have a set or two of different exercises at a time to do, then switch them around every few weeks.

 The key is to find a balance in your fitness routine to keep you in a healthy challenge for your body, along with a healthy diet.  You may want to talk to your doctor in order to find out which way you should balance your routine out, since they know your health background. So be sure to follow their orders they may have requiring your routine.

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